Thursday, June 17, 2010

tahoe snow (tree story #95)

Sunny, clear, warm, snow on the ground but no jackets required. Decided to take a day trip up to Tahoe - try to get a bit of snow in before it’s all gone. So little has fallen this year, there’s only about sixty percent of normal snow pack. And now it’s forecast to be quite warm this next full week. Highs in the valley are supposed to be nearly eighty today - Tahoe is predicted to be low sixty’s - certainly feels spring like. We’ve brought all our cold weather gear - all we really need are boots for tromping in the snow...

Just north of McKinney Bay - I have to climb up on top of the snow drift - occasionally stepping into knee deep snow - coming back toward the car I see the snow comes nearly to the edge of the lake. Getting there I step through a few more times, a little worried that I could catch my leg between rocks along the shoreline -

Judith Monroe, Wanderings journal


swtc said...

What a thoughtful and appropriate story for Judith, the Tree Artist!
Sydney Wide Tree Cutting

don lowe said...

Found this site with an interesting take on the mustard tree.


Judith said...

Thanks, Don! I'll put a link to this on my Mustard Tree post, too. ;)